Last spring we officially rebranded from Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region to Sexual Health Options, Resources & Education – SHORE Centre and moved to a new location.

We, like many in the community, were concerned about the impact these changes may have on our clients.

Would our clients still be able to find us?

We recently did an analysis to see what, if any, impact there has been on the services we provide.

I have to be honest, the numbers shocked me! The growth has been substantial. Clients have found it much easier to access the services they need since we rebranded and changed locations. Because of our increased visibility, we have supported 55% more clients and walk-ins have increased by 78%!

I want to thank each of you who have stuck with us through this rebranding process and for your generosity during our move. Your support has made it much easier for individuals facing unplanned pregnancies to get the information and support they need.

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