Post Abortion Workshop Series

Have you ever had an abortion and
wanted a space to reflect on and process your experience? 

SHORE Centre is eager to offer a free 6-session online workshop series. The intention of this group is to give participants an opportunity to share and explore their diverse experiences of abortion, and it is open to anyone who has previously had an abortion. Since there can be a lot of silence and stigma around abortion, we wanted to create an anonymous, pro-choice, and non-judgemental space where participants can discuss their experiences freely. 

When: February 21 –  March 27, 2024

Time: Wednesdays 12-1:30

Where: Zoom (virtual)

Registration: Click Here

Want to know more?

Listed below is a brief outline of the themes that we typically explore each week. If there are other topics or stories that participants would like to discuss, there will be an opportunity to do so. Two facilitators from SHORE Centre’s counselling team will be present to facilitate the discussion. There is a maximum of 12 participants per session. You can expect some fun and reflective exercises, a supportive and inclusive environment, and exploration of topics such as stigma as well as your own feelings about your abortion experience.

Participation is free. Please be advised that we require all participants to attend the first session. After Week 1, you have the option to sign up for as many or as few of these sessions as you like based on your interests and needs. You are welcome to turn off your camera/microphone, change your display name, and engage however makes you most comfortable. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please email

The themes we will explore together:

Session Topic Description
 1 Introductions and Myths About Abortion Analyzing popular media portrayals of abortion, and discussing how these scenes may or may not relate to our experiences.
2 Your Abortion Story Taking time to reflect on and reclaim your unique abortion story – from finding out about the pregnancy, to making your decision, to the abortion itself. We encourage you to explore and tell your own story using writing exercises.
3 Exploring Shame and Regret  Discussing how shame and regret may play a role in our abortion experiences, followed by a writing exercise that focuses on emotions which may arise when thinking about past abortion experiences.
4 Gratitude Reflecting on how our experiences of abortion can create opportunities for gratitude – what we can gain from this experience? Creating space for new wisdom, insights or opportunity.
5 Exploring Trauma and Triggers & Self Care Exploring triggers and how to cope with those triggers using a cognitive behavioural therapy approach. Discussing what self care means in a post abortion context, followed by a grounding activity. 
6 Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights & Connecting Through Music Considering the ways in which our experiences with abortion can be limited or expanded by sexual health and reproductive options, followed by a letter writing activity to a past member of your abortion experience. Processing abortion experiences through music, followed by an activity to collectively create a musical resource for anyone who has experienced an abortion.

    After my abortion, I felt lost. I felt inexplicable grief and sadness. I felt confused. And biggest of all, I felt ashamed. I am pro-abortion but at the same time, I never thought it would be ME. I joined the support group at SHORE because nothing else I was doing was helping me through that grief. The support group at SHORE provided me a soft landing place to discuss all of the emotions I was feeling in a non-judgemental space. Hearing the stories of others really helped me see that I was not alone in my shame or confusion. Having someone say out loud, “I understand,” or “I’ve been there too” felt so supportive and loving. This support group saved me and I would say to anyone who has had abortion and is struggling to seek out help with SHORE.

    - Previous Participant

    This was significant to my healing process. I did not engage in further maladaptive coping behaviours because of this group. It made me appreciate my life and that it was precious. This was a safe place for me to explore my feelings. Had it not been for this group, I may have tried to seek comfort in others who may not have been safe people to disclose to. Thank you. I am eternally grateful for these services. If this can help someone else attend your services who had an abortion, I hope this will help, because it helped me. Thank you.

    - Previous Participant

    Spring 2024 Session

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