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SHORE Centre offers the abortion pill up to 9 weeks of pregnancy. Please review the information below and book an intake phone call to start the process.

We strive to provide trans-inclusive abortion care and have an all gender washroom in our office. Friends, partners, support workers and children are welcome at our Centre.

Book your Intake Phone Call online (click here). Once you have selected your virtual intake time please complete the Intake Form. Your intake appointment will take place over the phone. During your intake appointment you will speak with a counsellor at SHORE Centre to review your options and book an appointment with one of our clinicians. You will then be sent requisitions for blood test and ultrasound. These can be emailed to you, faxed directly to the clinic or you can pick them up at our office in Kitchener.

An Intake Phone Call must take place with the person who the appointment is for. Family members, friends, and support people cannot book the appointment for someone else. Please let us know if you need the assistance of an interpreter, we are happy to arrange one at no cost to you to assist at your appointments.

Between now and the time of your appointment you begin to experience abdominal pain or bleeding or any unusual vaginal discharge, please seek immediate medical attention.

Making Appointments for Blood Work and Ultrasound

After you complete your Intake Appointment by phone you will be sent a confirmation email. Please review the confirmation email and the details of your upcoming appointment. Be sure to print your requisition(s) for blood work and ultrasound.

You can go for your blood work at any LifeLabs,Dynacare or Blood Lab. You can schedule your ultrasound with any ultrasound provider.

Please remember to drink 1 Litre of water an hour before your ultrasound appointment.

Please arrange appointments for your blood work and ultrasound during the time frame recommended in the email. If you are having difficulty scheduling your ultrasound or blood work appointment please call us at 519-743-9360.

Although Health Canada no longer requires an ultrasound for the provision of Mifegymiso, SHORE Centre clinicians still require them in the majority of cases.

Your Appointment for Blood Work

In preparing for your appointment, you will have blood work completed. The requisition you received for blood work has the following items checked off on it: CBC, ABO, Chlamydia (CT), Gonorrhea (GC) and bHCG.

CBC, ABO, and bHCG are tested using blood. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are tested using urine. To prepare for the urine test, please be sure you have not urinated for at least 2 hours prior to providing the sample.

Below is more information about the testing that is done.

The complete blood count, or CBC, lists a number of many important values. This information provides the clinician a better understanding of your overall health. Typically, it includes the following:

  • White blood cell count (WBC or leukocyte count)
  • WBC differential count
  • Red blood cell count (RBC or erythrocyte count)
  • Hematocrit
  • Hemoglobin (Hbg)
  • Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)
  • Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH)
  • Mean corpuscular hemoglobin
  • Red cell distribution width (RDW)
  • Platelet count
  • Mean Platelet Volume (MPV)

ABO grouping is a test performed to determine an individual’s blood type. It is based on the premise that individuals have antigens on their red blood cells (RBCs) that correspond to the 4 main blood groups: A, B, O, or AB.

Chlamydia (CT) and Gonorrhea (GC)
During an abortion cells infected with Chlamydia or Gonorrhea can travel from your vaginal opening up into your uterus. When the cells travel and are not treated, you are at greater risk for developing a secondary infection called Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. This test is offered to all SHORE Centre clients who will be having a medical abortion.

Beta hCG, also known as quantitative serum beta-HCG, refers to the testing of the amount of hCG hormone present in the blood.

Your Ultrasound Appointment

An ultrasound will be done before you come in to SHORE Centre to meet with the clinician. Ultrasound is an important step in the process of having an abortion as it will help determine how many weeks you have been pregnant and where the pregnancy is located.

An ultrasound exam uses high-frequency sound waves to scan the abdomen and pelvic cavity. In early pregnancy, a transvaginal ultrasound, using a specially designed probe is used inside the vagina to generate images. This ultrasound will help determine if the pregnancy is inside of the uterus or if it is ectopic.

Ectopic pregnancies (sometimes called “tubal pregnancies”) are when the pregnancy implants and grows in a fallopian tube rather than in the uterus. An ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening if it is not detected.

To prepare for your ultrasound you will be asked to drink one litre of water one hour before your appointment and not urinate until after the time of your ultrasound.

48 Hours Before Your Appointment

Ensure you have completed your appointments for blood work and ultrasound. Results of your blood work and ultrasound are necessary in order to receive a prescription for Mifegymiso. It often takes 48 hours for the results of your blood work and ultrasound to be processed and made available to SHORE Centre.

If you are having difficulty arranging these appointments, please contact SHORE Centre immediately.

If your blood work and ultrasound are not received before your scheduled appointment with SHORE Centre we may need to reschedule your appointment.

The Day of Your Appointment at SHORE Centre

Our office is located at 235 King Street East, Kitchener on the main floor just past the security desk. If the door to our office is closed, please use the doorbell to let us know you have arrived.

There are no eating or driving restrictions on the day of your appointment at SHORE Centre. You are welcome to bring a support person or children to the appointment with you if you wish. You will receive your prescription for Mifegymiso at this appointment and create a plan for using the medication at home. Following your appointment you will need to fill the prescription at a pharmacy.

On the day of your appointment at SHORE Centre, please arrange to arrive for the time your appointment is scheduled. We understand that sometimes traffic and construction make it difficult to arrive at the time you intended. If you are running late that’s okay, please call 519-743-9360 to let us know.

When you arrive at SHORE Centre you will be greeted by our receptionist. They will ask for your name to confirm your arrival, and offer you a beverage. While you wait, you are welcome to browse the books and pamphlets in our waiting area. If you have a special request for music, let us know, we are happy to put on something you like.

You should expect to spend approximately 2 hours at the clinic.

Meeting with the Counsellor

You will meet with the SHORE Centre counsellor whose role is to help answer your questions about using the medication and ensure you are ready to proceed with seeing the clinician to receive your prescription for Mifegymiso. On average, this takes between 30 and 45 minutes based on individual needs. If you think you may need more time than this, please let us know and we can arrange a longer appointment with you.

Our practice is to meet with the person who will be using the medication on their own before inviting a support person to join us. This allows the person who is going to be using the medication to speak about their feelings, questions, and concerns confidentially.

We are here to support you. If someone has pressured you to have an abortion, please let us know so that we can support you in your decision and help you connect with any community services you need.

You are welcome to share any information you would like with the counsellor, but you will never be asked why you have chosen to have an abortion. We understand that there are many reasons why people decide abortion is the right decision for them. We are here to listen without judgement and support you.

If you are feeling conflicted about your decision or uncertain and decide during your time with the counsellor that you do not want to have an abortion we will support you to arrange for prenatal care and support.

If you need more time to consider your options, let us know. You set the pace of the appointment, let us know what you need.

Meeting with the Clinician

After you meet with the counsellor you will meet with a clinician. Your support person is welcome to be with you during your meeting with the clinician if you wish. The clinician will ensure you are confident that using medication to end your pregnancy is the right decision for you. On average, this takes between 30 and 45 minutes based on individual needs. If you think you may need more time than this, please let us know and we can arrange a longer appointment with you.

You will be asked questions about your medical history including:
– allergies, medications you use, medical diagnoses, past surgeries, previous pregnancies (births, miscarriages, and abortion)

If you would prefer to meet with the clinician without your support person present, please be sure to let us know. We can be discreet about why the meeting is just with you.

The clinician will also go through information about birth control options, they are able to prescribe the birth control method of your choice and help arrange referrals for any specialist appointments needed (eg. having an IUD inserted by a gynaecologist).

Finally, the clinician will prepare your prescriptions for Mifegymiso and pain relief medication.

Filling Your Prescription

When you leave SHORE Centre you will be able to visit the pharmacy to fill your prescription. Due to the limited number of pharmacies in the area that carry Mifegymiso we will provide you with a handout for a pharmacy that will have the medication in stock and available the day of your appointment. Please refer to the package of information you received at your appointment for more information. Mifegymiso is free with your Ontario Health Card. If you do not have have an Ontario Health Card, please let us know so that we can explore coverage options with you.

Taking the medication at home

You will take the medication at home (see Mifegymiso instruction guide).

There is one pill of mifepristone in the green box inside the Mifegymiso packaging. Swallow the pill with a glass of water. Most people don’t feel any different after take mifepristone, although some people may feel nauseous. A small number start bleeding and cramping because the pregnancy tissue has started to empty from the uterus. Once you take mifepristone, your abortion cannot be reversed.

Between 24 hours and 48 hours after taking Mifepristone (Step 1), you will take a second medication called Misoprostol (Step 2). There are 4 pills of misoprostol in the orange box inside the Mifegymiso packaging.

Image of a mouth with misoprostol tablets on each side between the cheek and gum.

Where to place the misoprostol tablets.

To take Misoprostol (Step 2): 

– First take a sip of water to moisten your mouth.
– Then place all 4 pills in your mouth with 2 pills on the left side and 2 pills on the right side in between your gum and cheek (see diagram).
– Set a timer for 30 minutes and let medication begin to dissolve.
– After 30 minutes take a sip of water and swallow everything in your mouth.

After using Misoprostol: Within 30 minutes to an hour you can expect to have very heavy bleeding and pass clots that will lessen as time passes, generally between 4 to 6 hours. You can take the medication the clinician recommends to help manage the pain and nausea. Bleeding and cramping often lasts for several days.

Side effects include: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, abdominal discomfort/pain, cramps, fever and chills. These side effects usually last a short time and go away on their own. Bleeding can last for 11 days and may be heavy. While you can return to your normal activities, you may be more tired than usual for a few days. Avoid strenuous activities or exercise until your follow-up visit. If you choose, the clinician will advise you how and when to begin the contraception method of your choice.

Follow up blood work

7 days after taking the medication you will need to complete a follow up blood test to confirm that the pregnancy has ended. This is the only way to confirm that the medication was effective.

Follow up appointment

You will have a follow-up appointment with the clinician to review the results of your blood test. In the event that the Mifegymiso did not end the pregnancy as expected, you will discuss next steps with the clinician. These steps may include waiting longer, taking medication or having a surgical procedure to complete the abortion. During this appointment you can request a prescription for the birth control of your choice and we can also make arrangements to have an IUD inserted.

Healthcard and Payment Information

You must bring your Ontario health card (OHIP), with it the cost of the clinic visits and medication is covered.
Out of province health cards may be accepted for clinic visits only. The cost of Mifegymiso is separate and ranges from $337.25 – $375.97 based on pharmacy. Other insurance that may be accepted for for the cost of clinic visits (only) includes: University Health Insurance Program (UHIP), Guard Me Insurance, Interim Federal Health Program (IFH), Department of National Defence (DND). With private insurance, you may need to pay upfront and submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Any Time

If you have questions, concerns, or would just like to talk to someone at SHORE Centre please feel free to call us at 519-743-9360 Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Outside of our office hours you can also email

Please note that our office is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and all statutory holidays. We will do our best to reply to all emails and phone messages in one business day or less.

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